“Parents can now apply for a certificate to have their grief recognised after losing their baby before 24 weeks.”

Losing a baby is a profound and heartbreaking experience that no parent should ever have to endure. Yet, for some, this sorrow becomes a reality before the 24-week mark of pregnancy. While society often focuses on miscarriages and infant loss after the 24-week threshold, the pain of losing a baby earlier in pregnancy is just as real and deserving of recognition and support.

Baby loss before 24 weeks of pregnancy is commonly referred to as early miscarriage or pregnancy loss. Medically, a pregnancy loss is considered a miscarriage if it occurs before the 20th week of gestation, with most occurring within the first trimester. However, any loss of pregnancy before the 24th week can be emotionally devastating for expectant parents.

From today (22nd February 2024), Parents who have experienced the devastation of losing a baby before 24 weeks of pregnancy can apply for a certificate to have their grief recognised. This is a voluntary scheme to allow parents to record and receive recognition of their loss. This service is free and can be accessed now!

“The government is committed to ensuring bereaved parents feel supported through their grief and recognise their loss, acknowledging their pain and ensuring they feel heard. The certificates will not be compulsory – it remains the choice of all parents to manage the difficult time of a loss, however, they see fit.” (GOV, 2024). 

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